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 Author's Note: Alternate Timeline where Albus and Gellert stuck together and took over the world, or at least a part of it.

210 Words

The Good Wizard

Gellert was everyone’s favourite blood knight, people would seek him out when they wanted revenge.  Young witches came to him when they’ve been ruined quicker then they could draw wand, parents after parents brought before him the memories of their stolen children, and even the muggles were now learning that some of their wronged could rely on Lord Grindelwald’s wrath against those he judged unforgivable.

Albus was the good wizard, the one everyone appealed to for mercy, for moderation, and for an end to any of Gellert’s excesses.  For Albus holds the power to rescind Gellert’s warrants, and when that power was sparingly exercised – the people would call Lord Dumbledore the good wizard who was merciful – the one who could empathize and forgive in all of them, the flaws and fragilities of mere mortals.

But Albus knew, that what he was worshipped for was really weakness, that he hath not Gellert’s resolve to cut away those that craved and consumed the innocents among them like a cancer – that all Albus could do was look the other way as Gellert bloodied his own soul for both their goals – and then Albus, who had not the heart to sign death warrants could sign pardons for those that are easier to forgive – sparingly.

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