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One moment Alberforth was shouting and shoving at Gellert, and the next – he was a poodle dog – barking madly from the tight grasp of Ariana’s arms.

“Change him back, Gellert.”  Albus finds himself sharp with Gellert the way he never was before, a migraine has started kicking around inside his head.

“No.  If the stupid boy insist on yapping at our heels like a small dog – then he shall stay a small dog.” Gellert was being infuriating, but at least the murderous rage that had been burning behind his eyes have subsided – he looked like he was hiding something, his nerves with his haughtiness –

“You don’t know how to change him back, do you?”  Gellert’s silence confirms Albus’s guess.  Incredulous, Albus slapped himself, rubbing his face into the heel of his hand, “I’ll have to take Alberforth to St .Mungo’s, can I at least trust you with Ariana for an hour alone?”

“There is nothing wrong with me, Albus, it’s just that stupid boy, Ariana likes me just fine.” Ariana nods, still helpfully holding the dog that she might have forgotten was her brother.

Albus conjured up a carrier, and Gellert finally felt sorry for what he did when Alberforth drew blood as Albus pushed him into the carrier – now he wished that he had turned Alberforth into a toad.

- End -

AN: After reading yet ANOTHER Grindeldore AU fic where things were different but it still ended in tragedy, I decide to post my fic-ficlet.  Seriously, this thing I just read, or rather skip straight to the ending first because I was wise to the cliche now, opened with the leading question "If Ariana had never died, would Albus forsake his only equal?"...well that fic's answer is, Ariana doesn't die, Gellert AND Aberforth dies!  Then Ariana gets binned up at Victorian era St.Mungo's.  Seriously?  Did the deux angst machina from canon decide to take up lodging in the GGAD fandom too?  Frankly a million things would have happened that meant it wouldn't have ended in tragedy - not at the Dumbledore household. Once the duel start, Gellert could have been knocked out, ending the the duel, Albus could have knocked him out.  Or Gellert didn't open with crucio.  Or Gellert left early to chase down news of the Elderwand while Albus wraps thing up at the household - I don't think it's automatically Ever After - at some point, Albus would fight and maybe break up with Gellert over Gellert overdoing things - but there is no need for a Hamlet-level death toll here!



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