You meet the predatory appraisal of ‘King’ Gellert’s gaze with a proud tilt of your chin, and he smiles, like a big cat, “So how long have you and your sister been wandering the wild lands?”

At your back, Ariana clutches your shirt sleeve, as skittish and quiet as a church mouse, and you are thankful that Grindelwald had already dismissed her from his attention. ”Since the second sacking of Mould-on-the-Wold, one year ago.”

"Ah that, the raiders left the head of Saturninus Fudge spiked on the ruins of the city walls. Was he not the man who had turned in your father for treason?"

Ice burns under you skin at the implied accusation. Eyeing the tight perimeter formed by Grindelwald’s guards, you nodded your head with you eyelashes lowered, and recited the familiar disavowal: “My father Percival has long been cast from our family, all the rest of us steadfast to the hallowed throne of your late kinsman, and now, your majesty.”
I really think Albus and Gellert would have done better in an alternative universe not modern, but older - or rather, with less set conventions, because both Albus and Gellert are ambitious reformers. The closer to our world it gets, the less they could do without a risk of breaking things, and being seen as tyrants I think the Grindeldore relationship have a better chance of being a good thing, in a Game of Thrones ish AU, where they’ll actually be good for each other. I have a plot idea where Percival Dumbledore was executed for either allegedly committing treason, or by association due to someone else in his family - and his children barely escapes that fate. It is growing up where diplomacy was Albus’s only protection against the world for himself and his siblings that makes Albus extremely skilled at manipulation, and lonely. Basically Albus stuck in Sansa Stark’s shoes.



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