Feb. 14th, 2015

1. Pen Pals: Hermione Granger and Gellert Grindelwald would make excellent pen pals - I like to think that Grindelwald could have mentored her the way Albus Dumbledore mentored Harry. Hermione would have written Grindelwald sometime after reading Hogwarts, A History, for the ### time - or after tea with Baghilda Bagshot. I think Dumbledore would have avoided spending too much time with Hermione, because Hermione is very inquisitive and Dumbledore has too many truths he don’t want to tell. Meanwhile, Gellert is the parent who answer every bird and bee question bluntly without censoring for children’s ear.
2. Duel of 1945 was fought by two people who did not want to kill or maim each other, and Albus won, because as a schoolteacher, he was better at non-lethal duels. Gellert would have won if he was dueling to kill, something he has become very good at wielding the Elder wand as the leader of a conquering army — but he’s out of his depths at trying to disarm a determined skilled opponent like Albus /WITHOUT/ harming Albus.
3. Eyes Shut: Just as Albus has closed his eyes to Gellert’s dark side during the two months of insanity, he subsequently ignored all benign interpretation of Gellert’s actions and non-actions - if Albus had gone into the duel knowing that Gellert had deliberately avoided England for his sake, and that Gellert would not want to kill him - then he wouldn’t have enough of a will to win to the fight.
4. Spoils of War AU: Gellert could have captured Albus if prior to the duel, they agree that they weren’t going to duel to kill and that victory would bind the losing side to the victor’s terms. If Albus wins, then Gellert would surrender and call off his forces. If Gellert wins, then Albus would surrender and his forces would retreat from Gellert’s land - but Gellert would still leave England alone - making the deal agreeable to Albus.
5. Young Conquerors / Pen Pals II: Instead of leaving everything to Dumbledore and Harry and the prophecy, Hermione and other muggleborn witches and wizards take a much more active role during the third wizarding war, on the day of the first trial against muggleborn, they storm the ministry and take over it, and rule it with Hermione as head, with some lettered guidance from Grindelwald

Feb 14th, 2015



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