One moment Alberforth was shouting and shoving at Gellert, and the next – he was a poodle dog – barking madly from the tight grasp of Ariana’s arms.

“Change him back, Gellert.”  Albus finds himself sharp with Gellert the way he never was before, a migraine has started kicking around inside his head.

“No.  If the stupid boy insist on yapping at our heels like a small dog – then he shall stay a small dog.” Gellert was being infuriating, but at least the murderous rage that had been burning behind his eyes have subsided – he looked like he was hiding something, his nerves with his haughtiness –

“You don’t know how to change him back, do you?”  Gellert’s silence confirms Albus’s guess.  Incredulous, Albus slapped himself, rubbing his face into the heel of his hand, “I’ll have to take Alberforth to St .Mungo’s, can I at least trust you with Ariana for an hour alone?”

“There is nothing wrong with me, Albus, it’s just that stupid boy, Ariana likes me just fine.” Ariana nods, still helpfully holding the dog that she might have forgotten was her brother.

Albus conjured up a carrier, and Gellert finally felt sorry for what he did when Alberforth drew blood as Albus pushed him into the carrier – now he wished that he had turned Alberforth into a toad.

- End -

AN: After reading yet ANOTHER Grindeldore AU fic where things were different but it still ended in tragedy, I decide to post my fic-ficlet.  Seriously, this thing I just read, or rather skip straight to the ending first because I was wise to the cliche now, opened with the leading question "If Ariana had never died, would Albus forsake his only equal?"...well that fic's answer is, Ariana doesn't die, Gellert AND Aberforth dies!  Then Ariana gets binned up at Victorian era St.Mungo's.  Seriously?  Did the deux angst machina from canon decide to take up lodging in the GGAD fandom too?  Frankly a million things would have happened that meant it wouldn't have ended in tragedy - not at the Dumbledore household. Once the duel start, Gellert could have been knocked out, ending the the duel, Albus could have knocked him out.  Or Gellert didn't open with crucio.  Or Gellert left early to chase down news of the Elderwand while Albus wraps thing up at the household - I don't think it's automatically Ever After - at some point, Albus would fight and maybe break up with Gellert over Gellert overdoing things - but there is no need for a Hamlet-level death toll here!

 Author's Note: Alternate Timeline where Albus and Gellert stuck together and took over the world, or at least a part of it.

210 Words

The Good Wizard

Gellert was everyone’s favourite blood knight, people would seek him out when they wanted revenge.  Young witches came to him when they’ve been ruined quicker then they could draw wand, parents after parents brought before him the memories of their stolen children, and even the muggles were now learning that some of their wronged could rely on Lord Grindelwald’s wrath against those he judged unforgivable.

Albus was the good wizard, the one everyone appealed to for mercy, for moderation, and for an end to any of Gellert’s excesses.  For Albus holds the power to rescind Gellert’s warrants, and when that power was sparingly exercised – the people would call Lord Dumbledore the good wizard who was merciful – the one who could empathize and forgive in all of them, the flaws and fragilities of mere mortals.

But Albus knew, that what he was worshipped for was really weakness, that he hath not Gellert’s resolve to cut away those that craved and consumed the innocents among them like a cancer – that all Albus could do was look the other way as Gellert bloodied his own soul for both their goals – and then Albus, who had not the heart to sign death warrants could sign pardons for those that are easier to forgive – sparingly.
Albus is the ‘you’ who is ‘dyed in the wool’, he wants to be freer but ‘how will (he) learn to steer when (he’s) grinding all (his) gears’. The things he’s been taught are secrets, even from Gellert. Albus in his youth ‘used to be such a lion’ before trauma had him hesitating before breathing. I’ve always thought that Albus should have been in Ravenclaw, but I guess he must have used to be more of a Gryffindor, that being able to rush freely into things was his true nature, before he became so bound because of secrets and rules.
Every line of this song fits the Grindeldore pairing, the singer POV is obviously Gellert:
"Back when you never thought I’d never get this far / But did you really think I’d shut the door? / The futures calling and I’m going to answer"
Gellert who won’t rule out the means to power that Albus considered too dark, because the ‘potion’ he never drank was Albus’s restraint There is also a line where Gellert notes that Albus believes that ‘time will wash every tower to the sea’ (‘and now you got this worry in your heart’).

The Shins - It’s Only Life - Port of Morrow
Dyed in the wool, you’ve been cornered by a natural desire
You want to hop along with this giddy throng through life
But how will you learn to steer when you’re grinding all your gears?
You’ve been talking for hours
You say “time will wash every tower to the sea”
And now you’ve got this worry in your heart
Well, I guess it’s only life. It’s only natural
We all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole
The things they taught you
They’re lining up to haunt you
They’ve got your back against the wall
I call you on the telephone
Won’t you pick up the receiver?
I’ve been down the very road you’re walking now
It doesn’t have to be so dark and lonesome
It takes a while but we can figure this thing out and turn it back around
You used to be such a lion
Before you got into all this crying on my lap
Back when you never thought I’d never get this far
But did you really think I’d shut the door?
The futures calling and I’m going to answer
The wheels in motion
I never drank your potion and I know it breaks your heart
Open up your parachute
Something’s got to stop the free-fall
I’ve been down the very road you’re walking on
It takes a while but we can figure this thing out and turn it back around
It doesn’t have to be so dark and lonesome.
1. Viking!Gellert (99% authorial kink) - Convicted of witchcraft, Albus has been chained up under a cliff and left for the tide when Gellert’s ship arrived and Gellert decides to take Albus home as a bed warmer (it gets cold in the Nordic).  Frankly it would make more sense for British dark-age muggles to use ropes instead of rare metals if they were going leave Albus to drown because they were too lazy to gather firewood, but authorial kink demands that Albus be chained up like a maiden left for Cetus* and stuck shackled at the wrists till they get to a good Blacksmith so Gellert has to handfeed his new pet.

2. Roman!Gellert (because Albus is too English to be anything else  but Gellert has the mystery place of origin and the Roman army was multi-racial anyways) - Emperor Grindelwald claims Prince Albus as a spoil of war / gift to seal a treaty.  Albus would secretly or not so secretly like it because he was partly offered up because he wouldn’t marry a princess anyways. Pillow talk includes statecraft, trades standards, and alchemy.  Squee at the sweetness of  Gellert gifting Albus with a palm-size emerald so Albus wouldn’t have to squint to read small print.

3. Camelot-ish: Archmage!Albus has to convince the wayward royalbrat Gellert to take up the dreary responsibility of the throne.  Somehow Gellert would seduce Albus from a tragically wasted life of celibracy as Albus keeps catching Gellert naked in public (PS Jamie Campbell Bower frolics nude in the Camelot series on Hulu and CBC)

4. Paper Kingdoms (aka game-of-thrones-ish AU):  Albus and Ariana were on the run after the murder of a local lord that had branded the Dumbledores traitors to the hallowed throne, and they were suspected of letting in the raiders.  Then they fell into the clutches of the newly crowned just-as-mad King Gellert, who is suspected to have murdered his late cousin., and has the reputation of being a sadist.  Albus goes to Gellert’s bed in exchange for the promise that his sister would be left alone, and sometimes has to beg for the privilege and plead himself to Gellert as the better plaything.  Really though, Gellert only has eyes for Albus from the beginning, and only expressed interest in Ariana knowing that Albus would offer himself up (especially when Gellert heavily hints at it).

5. Triwizard AU (canon time period with a nail divergence) The tournament was never discontinued in 1792 – or it resumed in 1898 - just in time for Gellert Grindelwald to meet Albus Dumbledore.  Star student Albus goes to the tournament in Durmstrang!  Meanwhile it turns out the tournament only resumed because of a dark wizard/witch’s ploy to use the strong magic of the victor as a sacrifice.
*Cetus: in the school library version I read, Andromeda was to be eaten by Cetus the sea monster, but wiki cites a version where Andromeda was chained naked to a rock for Cetus the sea monster to /ravish/.  Because this myth is Greek instead of Japanese though, Cetus is described s whale or shark-like instead of having tentacles.  So have a fun brainmelt picturing Hoshigaki Kisame pawing at Toby Regbo or Lily Collins.
Warning: vague reference to canon child abuse:

The Ghost of Love

The Family outside kept telling the boy that his parents were drunks who drove drunk and died as drunks, but all the boy could think, only to himself, was that his parents were at least drunks who loved him. Someone had sung him lullabies and someone had rocked him to sleep, a long, long, time ago. He catches himself waiting for it sometimes, when he twists and turns in his dark little cupboard under the stairs. The missing thing hurts because it was something that used to be a part of him that he used to be a part of.

You meet the predatory appraisal of ‘King’ Gellert’s gaze with a proud tilt of your chin, and he smiles, like a big cat, “So how long have you and your sister been wandering the wild lands?”

At your back, Ariana clutches your shirt sleeve, as skittish and quiet as a church mouse, and you are thankful that Grindelwald had already dismissed her from his attention. ”Since the second sacking of Mould-on-the-Wold, one year ago.”

"Ah that, the raiders left the head of Saturninus Fudge spiked on the ruins of the city walls. Was he not the man who had turned in your father for treason?"

Ice burns under you skin at the implied accusation. Eyeing the tight perimeter formed by Grindelwald’s guards, you nodded your head with you eyelashes lowered, and recited the familiar disavowal: “My father Percival has long been cast from our family, all the rest of us steadfast to the hallowed throne of your late kinsman, and now, your majesty.”
I really think Albus and Gellert would have done better in an alternative universe not modern, but older - or rather, with less set conventions, because both Albus and Gellert are ambitious reformers. The closer to our world it gets, the less they could do without a risk of breaking things, and being seen as tyrants I think the Grindeldore relationship have a better chance of being a good thing, in a Game of Thrones ish AU, where they’ll actually be good for each other. I have a plot idea where Percival Dumbledore was executed for either allegedly committing treason, or by association due to someone else in his family - and his children barely escapes that fate. It is growing up where diplomacy was Albus’s only protection against the world for himself and his siblings that makes Albus extremely skilled at manipulation, and lonely. Basically Albus stuck in Sansa Stark’s shoes.
1. Pen Pals: Hermione Granger and Gellert Grindelwald would make excellent pen pals - I like to think that Grindelwald could have mentored her the way Albus Dumbledore mentored Harry. Hermione would have written Grindelwald sometime after reading Hogwarts, A History, for the ### time - or after tea with Baghilda Bagshot. I think Dumbledore would have avoided spending too much time with Hermione, because Hermione is very inquisitive and Dumbledore has too many truths he don’t want to tell. Meanwhile, Gellert is the parent who answer every bird and bee question bluntly without censoring for children’s ear.
2. Duel of 1945 was fought by two people who did not want to kill or maim each other, and Albus won, because as a schoolteacher, he was better at non-lethal duels. Gellert would have won if he was dueling to kill, something he has become very good at wielding the Elder wand as the leader of a conquering army — but he’s out of his depths at trying to disarm a determined skilled opponent like Albus /WITHOUT/ harming Albus.
3. Eyes Shut: Just as Albus has closed his eyes to Gellert’s dark side during the two months of insanity, he subsequently ignored all benign interpretation of Gellert’s actions and non-actions - if Albus had gone into the duel knowing that Gellert had deliberately avoided England for his sake, and that Gellert would not want to kill him - then he wouldn’t have enough of a will to win to the fight.
4. Spoils of War AU: Gellert could have captured Albus if prior to the duel, they agree that they weren’t going to duel to kill and that victory would bind the losing side to the victor’s terms. If Albus wins, then Gellert would surrender and call off his forces. If Gellert wins, then Albus would surrender and his forces would retreat from Gellert’s land - but Gellert would still leave England alone - making the deal agreeable to Albus.
5. Young Conquerors / Pen Pals II: Instead of leaving everything to Dumbledore and Harry and the prophecy, Hermione and other muggleborn witches and wizards take a much more active role during the third wizarding war, on the day of the first trial against muggleborn, they storm the ministry and take over it, and rule it with Hermione as head, with some lettered guidance from Grindelwald

Feb 14th, 2015
This shall be my fanfic account for ficlets and plot bunnies, currently I'm into Harry Potter.


The Good Wizard; 210 Words, GGAD AU
- the reign of Albus and Gellert, Albus's POV

"Pettiness" Gellert/Albus fix-fic, humour, Godric Hollow AU (218 words)
- The duel in the Dumbledore household did not end in tragedy.

"Policy of Truth"; hp 305 words, GGAD dub-con
- this is smut, for mature audience


"The Ghost of Love", hp 100 words, Harry James Potter, canon child abuse



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